Nazifa Mahee

Co-Founder, Front-End Develepor

Nazifa Mahee is a junior at The Young Women's Leadership School of Queens. She enjoys joining multiple clubs and volunteering for programs that help the community. She also likes animals, especially creepy pandas.

LinkedIn: Nazifa Mahee

Hillary Osei

Co-Founder, Front-End Developer

Hillary Osei is currently 16 years old who is a junior at Midwood High School. From a small age Hillary has always wanted to help the world around her. This will be her first global step before her many other to impact the world. At school she participates in Mock Trial and Moot Court at Sullivan and Cromwell LLP , debate , and 4H. She especially loves public speaking about issues that affect the world.

LinkedIn: Hillary Osei

Adeleke McMillan

Co-Founder, Front-End Developer, Web Designer

Adeleke McMillan is a senior at Deerfield Academy. She has an ENTP personality type and is interested in pursuing a STEM career. On her free time, she enjoys taking long walks, dancing, writing, reading, hanging out with friends, listening to music, speaking French, volunteering and coding.

LinkedIn: Adeleke McMillan

Claire Lessler

Co-Founder, Back-End Developer

Claire Lessler is 16 years old and in her junior year at Yeshivah of Flatbush High School. In school, she plays tennis, debates, and is involved in various STEM competitions. Outside of school, she enjoys drawing cartoons and skateboarding.

LinkedIn: Claire Lessler