The Kim-Taylor Feud and YOUR Education

giant and lethal high heels

So how DOES a celebrity feud impact YOUR educational opportunities? How can Kim and TayTay possibly be so involved in the nooks and crannies of your unreliable and uncertain future? What did we do to deserve this?
Simple. When considering which colleges to apply to, there are multiple factors that eventually coalesce into a single, solid choice. Maybe University of Chicago's logo reminds you of Kim's face, leading you to resort to a less prestigious choice. Or maybe Kanye offhandedly dissed Harvard, and you're forced, by the almighty power of Kanye's ego, to reject your acceptance letter. The possibilities are endless.A school with a snake as its honorary pet might side with Taylor, but a school somehow involved in the affairs of peaches may be more attracted to Kim's argument. Unless you want be bombarded your entire college experience with news of a celebrity you hate, you may be forced to go to a community college in place of an Ivy League school. Before you choose your college, check that it matches up with your side. Be ruthless. The slightest coorrelation of your nemesis with a positive note might end your journey with the college you're considering right then and there. Choose wisely. This choice could impact your life and career for years to come.

By Claire Lessler, Co-Founder