Spotlight of the Week From Our Very Best: Lindsey Neubauer

Hillary Osei , Co-founder

Our very first article is on Girls Who Code's very own teacher alum. Imagine walking into your first computer science class, all you've ever heard was how you'd be the only girl. That all the guys automatically will ignore you and you'll be isolated for a whole entire year. In that class, you'll constantly have to prove yourself, see that perception of women in tech isn't entirely true. Yes, this may happen, but this perception isn't the be all end all, there is more to the computer science field. There are many paths to not all of them are the same. Not everyone's experience is the same. Lindsay is the ultimate example of this.

Get to know her!

Lindsay currently works with Sail Thru as a software engineer. A cross-platform marketing company with an international client base. Interested in specifically increasing page views through email.

How'd she get started?

Lindsay like many of us was tricked by one of her teachers. In a quest to get girls into the AP Computer Science class, she recruited students by telling them what we would all like to hear "The class has no homework". Many of us would immediately sign up for any AP if it meant no homework. Lindsay simply said "Maybe" This reply to her teacher instantly meant she was signed up. This resulted in her AP Computer Science being evenly split between genders. A bigger result would be her now gaining interest in the mysterious field of Computer Science

What was it like?

Her Computer Science class was unconventional. It was taught by an online teacher. Lindsay's best resource was her best friend. Being a visual learner it is imperative to be able to see things done. At a glance, the code is previously written with no explanation of certain functions. Lindsay's friend was there by her side to help her every step of the way. Talk about friendship.


In the end, she enjoyed the class but didn't end up taking the AP test. Pretty soon Lindsay was on her way to Georgetown University. At this elite school, she decided to double major in Psychology and Computer Science Already interested in Computer Science she took an intro class. This time around, she was a lot more comfortable since she took the class prior. Her female professor further pushed her and urged her to declare her major. She also had a passion for psychology, so why not double major! Her experience was overwhelming. Psychology classes came easy to her while her computer science classes felt entirely different.

Was it worth it?

With coding, Lindsay felt a better connection. Coding gave her a certain rush. Being able to decide each and every feature to her specific standard. Then finally seeing it all put together. It's like holding your own baby. It's love at first sight. Contrary to psychology, which was comforting, but there was no comparison. Lindsay personally felt like she wasn't as clever as her peers. She felt she wasn't a "rock star". Constantly comparing herself to others gave her this mindset . In her head, she just wasn't enough. However, to her own friends and teachers, she was just as well a star. So much so, she ended up at Google for an internship.

We're Not at the End of the Tunnel-Yet!

Her first internship was everything, the kind out of Forbes Magazine. Massages to lunches with mentors, Lindsay had it all. Her first experience was great she applied again excited as she was the first time. The Google program was for minorities in tech. It just seemed like the right footing. In theory, it was but she wasn't as lucky the second time around. Her mentors just didn't compare to the year before. The summer before she coded this summer she didn't, last summer her mentors invited her for lunch this summer she didn't It was black and white, night and day.

Things We Can Learn From Lindsay

Last but not least we come to what all girls can learn from Lindsay, in part 1. Don't compare yourself to others. Yes, I know you've all heard this before, but Lindsay also gives a new perspective. You don't see how great you are, meanwhile, other people know that you are one of a kind. Sometimes all we ever want is to hear is how great we are even from our Moms who have no understanding of what we actually do. It's comforting and reassuring to hear it from a person who has known us since the beginning. So now you're not just a star among many you are the moon in the galaxy. Sometimes not all the greatest things come to you naturally. Sometimes it takes time to learn, but the outcome is so great you can't help feel that special connection.