My First Job Horror Story: I Forgot to Go to Work!

by Adeleke McMillan

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I'm currently a rising high school senior, but two years ago, when I attended my first summer internship and worked at my first job, there were several things I was clueless about. <
Yes it is true; I forgot to go to work.

Let me start from the beginning. Two years ago during my sophomore year of high school, I worked two jobs. I was tired of having to depend on my mum for money (and my student account had a negative balance that I needed to pay off). Every Saturday beginning from September, I woke up at the crack of dawn to get to my boarding school’s library for work.

During the winter, I joined the junior varsity basketball team. I was pretty happy to be there, since I’d never been accepted into a junior varsity team ever. (I owe my success to the fact that there were no tryouts.)

However, my excitement was fleeting, as I soon found out that I would have to attend basketball games on Saturday mornings. These games would conflict with my job at the library. Nevertheless, I was able to make an agreement with my coach and my boss that allowed me to miss some work to go to games and vice versa.

Being able to miss work to go to my team game wasn’t something that I was appreciative of at the time. Looking back on it, I’ve realized that I probably would’ve been fired from my job had I not worked at school.

One particular Saturday morning, I was supposed to leave school at 10 a.m. with my team for our basketball game. Technically, I could’ve gone to work for an hour before leaving school, but I was so wrapped up in going to the game that I wasn’t necessarily thinking about work.

It wasn’t until Sunday, when I was in the dining hall for brunch that my boss confronted me, asking why I didn’t show up for work. I was surprised but I knew saying that, “I forgot,” would be a lame excuse. I mumbled something about “not knowing I had to work,” which did not help me *at all*.

Basically, I was in a hump that I never wanted to be in again. After that, I never missed work from basketball games again.