Why Your High School Experience is Basically Hogwarts

By Claire Lessler, Co-Founder

Hogwarts High School

Think about it for a second. You've always dreamed of going to Hogwarts. But how different is it from high school, really?

1. Hogwarts is full of evil students- and the leader is blond. They wear green on Wednesdays. Mean Girls, anyone?
2. When Hogwarts is controlled by Voldemort and the Carrows, it's basically hell- and we all know what that looks like.
3. You stay in your own common room and within your own house. In other words, Hogwarts is full of giant, school-backed cliques.
4. That moment when you hand off your Potions essay to Hermione-a.k.a your smart female friend- because it's due tomorrow and it's already 1:00 A.M.
5. Lastly, I believe we can all identify with the concept of the Sorting Hat- the second you get to high school, you're either a nerd, jock, hipster, or average bystander. And even though the Hat pretends you can choose, we all know the truth- you can't.