Do Your Part As a Girl

By Adeleke McMillan, Co-Founder


Motivation for the Week: Do Your Part as a Girl!
Just the other day during the Olympic Games in Rio, there was a whole bunch of buzz around Gabby Douglas. People were criticizing her hair and saying that she didn’t respect her country because she didn’t put her hand on her heart during the American national anthem. If you see a girl like Gabby who’s hardworking and breaking social norms, don’t put her on a pedestal and judge her! Girls pit themselves against each other too often. Often times, we’re even more critical to ourselves than others! Words like slutty and bossy shouldn’t exist! Let’s stop being mean girls and love each other!!!
In middle school, I was bullied by girls who didn’t like the way I dressed. It was really traumatizing but one day, a girl came up to me saying that she wished she had the courage to dress how she wanted. Our job as girls is to build ourselves us and encourage other girls to take charge, love their bodies, and be confident.

How are you doing your part as a girl?

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